Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate

  1. Do I need an attorney to close my real estate transaction? Can I just use a title company?
  2. Do I need a survey?
  3. Why is my closing being delayed?
  4. Will I have to pay capital gains taxes on the sale of my house?
  5. Nothing came up on title and the sellers told me title is free and clear – their family has owned the land since the 1800’s – do I really need owner’s title insurance?
  6. Do both buyer and seller need to attend settlement at the same location?
  7. When will I know how much money I need to bring to closing?
  8. What happens if my lender is not ready to close on time? What are my options to move in early?

Estate Planning

  1. What is estate planning?
  2. What is your charge for estate planning?
  3. How much is a “simple will”?
  4. What’s the difference between a will and a revocable living trust?
  5. Do I need an estate plan even if my estate is not large?
  6. What happens if I do not have an estate plan?
  7. How do I choose a personal representative?
  8. What if I change my mind later about my estate plan?
  9. Can I draft my own estate plan?

Estate and Trust Administration

  1. What should I do if a family member just died?
  2. There is no will, how will the assets be distributed?
  3. Who can qualify as the executor/administrator?
  4. What are probate and non-probate assets?
  5. Am I required to have an attorney to carry out the administration of an estate/trust?
  6. Who pays for the attorney in the administration of an estate?
  7. What is required after I qualify as the personal representative of the estate?
  8. What if there are more debts than assets of the estate?

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