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  • The Family Legacy Process™ is a unique system designed to ensure achievement of your goals for preservation of family values, wealth, and the transfer of personal and business assets in a way that provides peace of mind and a legacy for future generations.

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    Davis Law Group - Our Attorneys

  • Transfer and Sale of Real Estate after Death – the Basics

    The Transfer and Sale of Real Estate after Death - We will help you through the process. Click here for more information.

  • Collaborative Practice

    If you're looking for an alternative to litigation, you're not alone. Find out more about a different way to resolve a variety of disputes.

  • Joint Revocable Living Trusts - Some Tax Dangers

    Joint Revocable Living Trust or Separate Trusts? We will guide you through your estate plan. Click here for more information.

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Find out more about our unique Family Legacy Process©

Estate & Trust Planning –
The Family Legacy Process© →

We understand most people want to ensure that family values and what they have built during their lifetime will be efficiently transferred to those they designate without interference, unnecessary taxes, court costs, or litigation.

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Civil Litigation →

Representing a client involved in business disputes, contract disputes, real estate cases, including mediation, arbitration, or civil litigation in court, is a big responsibility — one we don’t take lightly.

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Corporate & Business →

We represent our business clients by taking a personal interest in them and in their endeavors. Our approach requires building strong relationships with business owners, executives, their companies and even their families.

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Real Estate →

At Davis Law Group, P.C. we understand that buying and selling real estate can be one of the most stressful events our clients will ever experience.

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Probate & Trust Administration →

Losing a loved one is difficult. The prospect of handling the estate at such a time is often overwhelming. If you have lost a loved one and have an estate or trust to administer, we can handle the details of the administration, so you can focus on dealing with grief and being with your family.

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Family Law & Collaborative Practice →

We have extensive experience in representing individuals who find themselves in the middle of broken relationships or worried about custody of their children, and we are effective advocates when the time comes to protect their interests.

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Employment Law →

Few relationships impact our daily lives as much as the relationships we have at our workplaces. For most people, it is the place they spend the majority of their time.

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Church Law & Non-Profits →

Church & non-profit law requires a special understanding of the issues and challenges that face non-profit and religious institutions. The legal advice that best serves business and corporate clients does not always transition to churches and other religious or not for profit organizations.

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